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Bathtub Overflow Drain Cover - Bathtub Stopper, Bathtub Drain Cover, Bath Tub Drain Stoppers, Tub Stopper Bathtub Drain, Drain Cover Bathroom Tub, Silicone Bathtub Overflow Cover with Suction Cups, Cute Bathroom Accessories

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Created by Felenng on 11.25.2021
  • Great Tool For A Deeper Soaking Bath -Enjoy a deeper soak in your bathtub by adding up to 3-4 more inches of water in your tub without worrying about the water draining overfill. The extra water in the bathwater really does make a pleasant difference. The bathtub overflow cover also save you the cost of a bathroom
  • Material: This octopus shaped overflow drain cover is made of high-quality silicone, soft and high durable. It is very easy to clean, you can use water wash after you use it. The Bottomless Bath fits commonly found bathtub overflow drains, like snap, flat, toggle or daisy wheel drain types.
  • U.S. PATENT - Patented design features each octopus-shaped tub overflow drain cover is designed with 8 pieces small suction cups that can provide a safe grip, and has a hole on its top in order to prevent the water flowing from the bathtub. And the water level can be adjusted by adjusting the position of the hole.
  • Nice Gift - The bathtub overflow drain cover is great for the fellow bathers. The overflow drain cover’s made the whole management of water temperature and water conservation and water integrity so much easier to keep constant and efficient. Such a small device can be a life changer to one whom enjoys a daily bath or soak.
  • ★ 110% LIFETIME GUARANTEE - If this isn’t the best bath overflow drain cover you have ever owned, return it for a full refund, plus an extra 10% off! No questions asked, just extra money in your pocket.